Terms and Conditions of Service

Client authorizes Puryear Logistics L.L.C. to process payments for services rendered using the credit card information that is provided to Puryear Logistics L.L.C. by Client.

Any telephone number provided to Client shall remain the property of Puryear Logistics L.L.C.

Client agrees that Puryear Logistics L.L.C.’s services are not services rendered by an attorney for a client, that no attorney-client relationship exists between Puryear Logistics L.L.C. (or any of its principles, agents, employees) and Client, and that no action taken by Puryear Logistics L.LC. constitutes the practice of law.  Puryear Logistics L.L.C. makes no warranty, promise, or guarantee, to include no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, as in regard to response times, dropped calls, missed calls, inaccurate messages, or other issues with call or message receipt and delivery.  Puryear Logistics  L.L.C. shall not be liable for consequential, direct, indirect, or special losses or damages suffered by Client in connection with services rendered, and Puryear Logistics L.L.C.’s liability shall be limited to the funds paid by Client to Puryear Logistics in the preceding 31 days for the services at issue.

Jurisdiction, Venue, and choice of law for any litigation arising in connection with Puryear Logistics L.L.C.’s services shall be proper exclusively in the County of Scott, State of Iowa, United States of America.

Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Puryear Logistics L.L.C. from any and all 3rd party claims or liability arising from any malpractice or breach or negligence alleged by any customer of Client.

This agreement may be terminated in writing or email by Client or Puryear Logistics L.L.C.  In the event of termination, any amounts due for services already rendered shall remain due and owing, and any amounts prepaid for virtual reception incoming calls for the month are non-refundable.  Client agrees that for a period of one year following the termination of this agreement, Client shall not solicit, employ, or engage any employee or independent contractor of Puryear Logistics L.L.C.

Amendments to these Terms of Service shall be made by posting to and are deemed effective the later of the time of posting or time allowed by law.

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