One of the realities of business is that some customers fail to pay.  Such unpaid amounts can add up.  Accounts receivable represent a situation where the company has expended its own funds for equipment, supplies, employee salaries etc., and for many businesses that can be the difference between profit and loss.

The fact is that the longer that an account remains unpaid, the less likely it is that the former customer will voluntarily pay the amount due. Waiting too long can result in the debt being uncollectible all together.  For those reasons, it simply good business sense to address accounts receivable in a timely fashion.  Don’t allow endless excuses from former customers, and their promises of future payment that will never come, to cost your business the hard-earned revenue that it deserves.

Our relationships with private investigators, process servers, and law firms allow us to address collections matters through litigation when other attempts are less successful.  Whether your collections needs involve simple phone calls or litigation followed by wage garnishment and levying upon assets, we can help.

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