Business Tips and Suggestions

  • Recommended Fax-to-Email Services for Business

    For better or worse, facsimile (“fax”) remains an important method of exchanging documents for many businesses.  This article provides information on fax-to-email services, and our recommendations as to providers to consider. Why Fax? While rules vary state-to-state, there are many areas where the legal system will treat fax delivery as proper, and email delivery as […]

  • The Benefits (and Pitfalls) of Instant Messaging in the Workplace

    Instant messaging can be a productivity-enhancing tool for business.  It can also cause a variety of problem ranging from security breaches to wasted employee time.  The solution is to embrace instant messaging at your business while avoiding the pitfalls. How instant messaging helps improve business productivity Instant messaging allows employees to communicate with each other […]

  • Use a Free Service to Monitor your Website for Outages

    For many businesses, their website is a key way that customers find the business.  Having a website go down can cost a business a significant amount of money, not to mention the potential harm to the company’s image in the eyes of prospective or existing customers.  The good news is that there are a variety […]

  • Customer Care About their Security and Privacy More than Ever – and so should your business

    Due to shifting attitudes and recent events, consumers care more about privacy and the security of their digital data than ever.  Businesses are wise to safeguard both their client’s data and their own data, so as to avoid the potentially devastating effects of a leak. Privacy and Security sentiment from consumers After a series of […]

  • Have A Succession Plan for Your Business

    For many business owners, their business is more than just a source of income from them during their lives – it is also a valuable assent to pass along to children and/or to provide for their family.  For those reasons and others, it is important for every business owner to have a succession plan. What […]

  • Lighting at Your Business

    Having the right lighting at your business during the dark hours of the night can improve advertising effectiveness and also reduce the risk of liability. Lighting for advertising Most businesses have some sort of signs to welcome the public and advertise the business.  Those signs can be as simple as the business name, or more […]

  • Use Multiple Phone Providers to Create a Reliable Business Phone Setup

    The vast majority of businesses are dependent upon reliable phone service, meaning that an outage can be quite expensive in terms of lost revenue and upset customers.  The good news is that modern technology makes it possible for even the smallest business to easily and inexpensively have multiple phone providers, such that the failure of […]

  • See Web/Email Hosting as an Investment (and don’t skimp on your online infrastructure)

    Keeping costs down is important in any business, since profit is defined as income minus expenses.  However, many business owners are temped to use bargain-basement web/email hosting as a area to cut corners.  For most businesses, this is not a wise approach. Examples of the problem Some businesses will go with the absolute cheapest web […]

  • Dealing with Unhappy Customers

    Customer service is a vital part of every business.  While it is not possible to make every customer happy all the time, handling unhappy customers can be the difference between the success and failure of a business.  This article provides customer service tips for business owners, written by a fellow business owner with years of […]

  • Use Promotional Items Wisely to Advertise

    Giving away promotional items with your company’s contact information printed on those items can be an effective advertising strategy for many businesses.  The key to is consider the products or services you wish to promote and what items can be given away in a cost-effective manner to achieve that objective.  It is also important to ensure that […]

  • Have a Disaster Plan for Your Business

    Natural and man-made disasters can have a profound impact upon a business.  That is true whether the disaster is a small-scale problem that affects only the business (such as building fire) or widespread (such as an earthquake).  Having a disaster plan in place can be the difference between the business being able to survive and […]

  • Online Advertising for Your Small Business

    Advertising is important for small businesses these days, and online advertising can be one of the most effective methods if it is done right.  There are many different online advertising options available to small business owners, and this article is intended to help shed some light on those options. Online advertising options Google Adwords – […]

  • Backup Your Electronic Business Data

    The rise in technology has seen businesses embrace computerization like never before.  Matters that businesses traditionally handled in paper form, from timeclocks to employee records to their actual products, are now often handled in purely electronic form.  While computers have greatly increased efficiency for many businesses, that reliance upon computers means that data loss can […]

  • Outsourcing Versus In-House: Use the right tool for the job

    Many duties that were traditionally performed by in-house staff at company can now be outsourced to outside companies.  That leaves decision-makers at businesses with the task of determining how to strike the most efficient and productive balance between in-house staff and outsourced services.  As with many areas in life, the key is to find the right […]

  • Must-Have Open-Source Software for Your Business

    Using open-source software for your business is often a win-win situation, in terms of reducing costs and avoiding vendor lock-in, while still using top-notch products. More information on open-source software and the particular open-source products we use and recommend are shown below: What is open source software Since the Wikipedia article on open-source software already […]

  • Physical Security for Your Small Business

    Security is not often the first thing on the mind of a small business owner, as operating the business itself can be incredibly time consuming.  However it is unwise to neglect security, since the harm of an intrusion can be quite significant.  This article is intended to share tips and advice about physically securing your […]

  • Tips for Bookkeeping at Your Small Business

    Keeping accurate records as to financial matters is important for every small business. Speaking from experience as someone who started a law firm in 2010, and has seen that firm grow from 1 attorney and no staff members to a firm that about 5 years later employs 4 attorneys and 6 non-attorneys, as well as other […]


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