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    • Create More Effective Attorney Advertising with 24 Hour Answering Service Support - Attorneys that have a 24 hour answering service are able to produce more effective advertisements.  This is true for attorneys that advertise online, on TV, radio, newspapers, or other formats. When done correctly, advertising can be a powerful tool for attorneys to find new clients.  However, most advertising for attorneys has a drawback in that […]
    • Recommended Fax-to-Email Services for Business - For better or worse, facsimile (“fax”) remains an important method of exchanging documents for many businesses.  This article provides information on fax-to-email services, and our recommendations as to providers to consider. Why Fax? While rules vary state-to-state, there are many areas where the legal system will treat fax delivery as proper, and email delivery as […]
    • Why Lawyers Need a 24 Hour Answering Service - Having a 24 hour answering service gives lawyers a tremendous competitive advantage, compared to other law firms that only use voicemail for after-hours calls. The reason that having a live person to answer the phone after hours gives such an advantage to lawyers all comes down to the nature of the legal industry.  When a […]
    • The Benefits (and Pitfalls) of Instant Messaging in the Workplace - Instant messaging can be a productivity-enhancing tool for business.  It can also cause a variety of problem ranging from security breaches to wasted employee time.  The solution is to embrace instant messaging at your business while avoiding the pitfalls. How instant messaging helps improve business productivity Instant messaging allows employees to communicate with each other […]
    • Use a Free Service to Monitor your Website for Outages - For many businesses, their website is a key way that customers find the business.  Having a website go down can cost a business a significant amount of money, not to mention the potential harm to the company’s image in the eyes of prospective or existing customers.  The good news is that there are a variety […]
    • Our Virtual Paralegals can Manage Client Files for Attorneys - Keeping client files organized is an important part of the practice of law.  A disorganized file is at best inefficient and at worst can lead to important things being missed.  Yet organizing a file can be time consuming, which is why many attorneys files are not as organized as they would prefer.  Our virtual paralegals […]
    • How Our Telephone Answering Service Helps Property Management Companies - The property management business can be hectic.  Our 24 hour telephone answering service can help take calls from existing tenants with maintenance issues, potential tenants, and others who call. When it comes to potential tenant calls, it is a waste of advertising money to send those calls to voicemail.  Our telephone answering service means that […]
    • Customer Care About their Security and Privacy More than Ever – and so should your business - Due to shifting attitudes and recent events, consumers care more about privacy and the security of their digital data than ever.  Businesses are wise to safeguard both their client’s data and their own data, so as to avoid the potentially devastating effects of a leak. Privacy and Security sentiment from consumers After a series of […]
    • How Our Virtual Reception Service Helps Aviation Mechanics - Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics have their work cut out for them, as the aviation industry is one filled with deadlines.  An aircraft that is awaiting repairs can cost a company serious money, or ruin a private pilot’s travel plans.  Our virtual reception service can help A&P mechanics manage their phones, so that time can […]
    • Let our Virtual Paralegals handle Your Law Firm’s Calendar - Maintaining a law firm’s calendar is of paramount importance.  It can also be a time-consuming process, yet is one that cannot be neglected.  Our virtual paralegal service allows attorney to have their calendars maintained without having to personally handle every aspect. We know that an attorney’s calendar is the lifeblood of their practice.  Whether it […]
    • Have A Succession Plan for Your Business - For many business owners, their business is more than just a source of income from them during their lives – it is also a valuable assent to pass along to children and/or to provide for their family.  For those reasons and others, it is important for every business owner to have a succession plan. What […]
    • Download our Virtual Reception App for Apple iPhone and iPad - Our virtual receptionist app is now available for Apple iPhone and iPad.  The app will allow you to securely view your virtual receptionist messages, signup for our virtual reception service, get answers to any questions you may have, view our blog, and more.  The app is free. Download our Virtual Receptionist app from the Apple App Store […]
    • Using a Virtual Reception Service for Veterinarians - Our virtual reception service is a great asset to veterinarians, especially those who handle emergency calls on nights/weekends. Our virtual reception service can take incoming calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and deliver messages by email, text message, or fax.  Instead of having an in-house dispatch center that is staffed around the […]
    • How our Virtual Paralegals Can Help with Your Client Correspondence - Communicating with clients is an important part of the practice of law.  Attorneys who neglect client communication can find themselves in less-than-ideal situations.  At the same time, much of the necessary client communication is simple and sometimes tedious, taking attorneys away from the more critical areas of their practice.  Our virtual paralegals can help attorneys […]
    • Have our Virtual Paralegals Handle Your Law Firm’s Electronic Filing - Electronic filing of documents is quickly becoming the standard across the country.  The Federal court system has mandated electronic filing with CM/ECF, and many state and county courts have also adopted electronic filing.  This trend will only continue as time passes.  Our virtual paralegals can take care of electronic filing for attorneys, saving time and money. […]
    • Our Virtual Paralegals can Help Attorneys with Discovery - Discovery is perhaps the most important part of litigation, as the information obtained (and disclosed) during discovery will ultimately determine the outcome of a case.  Discovery can also be a tedious and time-consuming process.  Our virtual paralegals can help attorneys with the discovery process. When it comes to drafting discovery requests, many attorneys find it most efficient […]
    • Let Our Virtual Paralegals Write Your Next Legal Brief - Writing a legal brief takes a great deal of time.  Our virtual paralegal service can help attorneys with legal briefs, saving time and allowing the attorney to focus more of their own time on other aspects of running their law firm. When attorney time is spent on brief preparation, that is time that cannot be […]
    • Save Time on Legal Research with our Virtual Paralegal Service - Legal research can be time-consuming and tedious, yet it is essential.  Finding the right caselaw can be the difference between winning or losing a case for your client. Our virtual paralegal service can help attorneys with their legal research, efficiently saving time and allowing attorneys to focus on other aspects of their cases. Our virtual paralegals […]
    • Using a Virtual Paralegal Service to Help with a Large Case - When a law firm takes on a large case, our virtual paralegal service can help handle the extra work. Getting a large case can be a great opportunity for a law firm.  It can also be a source of difficulty and headache when the firm’s existing resources are not sufficient to properly handle the case. […]
    • Lighting at Your Business - Having the right lighting at your business during the dark hours of the night can improve advertising effectiveness and also reduce the risk of liability. Lighting for advertising Most businesses have some sort of signs to welcome the public and advertise the business.  Those signs can be as simple as the business name, or more […]
    • How a Virtual Paralegal can Help Solo Attorneys - Being a solo attorney can be exciting and rewarding.  It can also mean long hours and competing demands from the practice of law and the day-to-day operation of a business.  For many solo practitioners, keeping expense low is key to being profitable, and one of the biggest expenses is staff.  At the same time, having […]
    • Download our Virtual Reception App for Android - Our virtual receptionist app is now available for Android phones and tablets.  The app will allow you to securely view your virtual receptionist messages, signup for our virtual reception service, get answers to any questions you may have, view our blog, and more.  The app is free. Download our Virtual Receptionist app from Google Play Apple […]
    • iNum Phone Numbers Now Supported - Customers of our virtual reception service may now have an iNum phone number too (in addition to their local or toll-free phone number).  There is no cost to add an iNum to your account.  To add an iNum, just email us and we’ll get the iNum added to your account.  We, of course, also continue to support toll-free […]
    • Using our Telephone Answering Service for your Catering Business - The catering business can be a hectic one, with deadlines to meet and last-minute problems to solve for existing clients’ events.  At the same time, getting new clients is essential too.  Using a telephone answering service is the answer. Our telephone answering service gives caterers the edge when it comes to handling incoming calls so […]
    • Use Multiple Phone Providers to Create a Reliable Business Phone Setup - The vast majority of businesses are dependent upon reliable phone service, meaning that an outage can be quite expensive in terms of lost revenue and upset customers.  The good news is that modern technology makes it possible for even the smallest business to easily and inexpensively have multiple phone providers, such that the failure of […]
    • Our Virtual Receptionist Service is a Great Fit for Process Servers and Private Investigators - Service of process is vital to the functioning of our legal system. Puryear Logistics is pleased to offer our virtual reception services to process service companies, thereby increasing efficiency while also making life easier at the same time. Our virtual receptionists can take calls from law firms and others who need papers served, allowing process […]
    • Subscribe to our Blog by Email - Subscribe to the Puryear Logistics Blog by Email – You will receive up to 1 email per day with the blog posts that we published that day.
    • See Web/Email Hosting as an Investment (and don’t skimp on your online infrastructure) - Keeping costs down is important in any business, since profit is defined as income minus expenses.  However, many business owners are temped to use bargain-basement web/email hosting as a area to cut corners.  For most businesses, this is not a wise approach. Examples of the problem Some businesses will go with the absolute cheapest web […]
    • Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Advertising in Spanish - Research from a top marketing company shows what many businesses have come to know already – advertising in Spanish is a powerful approach. The key findings should be considered by every business. Bilingual speakers have a number of cognitive advantages over their monolingual peers, but the neurological impact of bilingualism on commercial advertisement hasn’t been […]
    • How Our Telephone Answering Service Helps Dance Studios - Our telephone answering service can help dance studios reduce staffing costs while simultaneously providing great customer service. A dance instructor cannot interrupt a lesson or class to take an incoming call, for obvious reasons.  Yet taking those calls is an important part of running a business.  Employing an in-house receptionist to take such calls adds overhead […]
    • Automated Language Translation Just Doesn’t Work - There are many websites that provide lists of terribly inaccurate computer-generated translations between languages.  While these bad translations are often humorous, it is not a laughing matter for business owners whose websites, advertisements, and products contain such errors.  The solution is to use a translation service that employs humans, not computers. Perhaps the point is […]
    • Find Puryear Logistics on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - Links to our social media pages can be found below. Puryear Logistics Facebook Page Puryear Logistics LinkedIn Page Puryear Logistics Twitter Page  
    • How our Virtual Receptionist Service Helps Photographers - Photographers are quite busy when they are working and cannot put down their camera to take a call from a potential client.  Yet taking those calls is vital to their business.  Our virtual reception service provides a solution that allows photographs to focus on their work without missing out on potential client calls. Capturing life’s […]
    • Dealing with Unhappy Customers - Customer service is a vital part of every business.  While it is not possible to make every customer happy all the time, handling unhappy customers can be the difference between the success and failure of a business.  This article provides customer service tips for business owners, written by a fellow business owner with years of […]
    • Using a Telephone Answering Service for a Lawn Care or Snow Removal Company - Using our telephone answering service is a great way for companies that handle lawn care and snow removal to effectively handle incoming calls from existing and potential customers. Getting a new customer in the lawn care or snow removal business generally starts with collecting some information from the customer, so that someone can view the property and […]
    • Use Promotional Items Wisely to Advertise - Giving away promotional items with your company’s contact information printed on those items can be an effective advertising strategy for many businesses.  The key to is consider the products or services you wish to promote and what items can be given away in a cost-effective manner to achieve that objective.  It is also important to ensure that […]
    • How our Telephone Answering Service Helps Electricians - By using our telephone answering service, electricians can have their current and potential customers greeted by a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Electrical problems come up at all hours of the day and night, and for the customers who are experiencing such problems, it is […]
    • Have a Disaster Plan for Your Business - Natural and man-made disasters can have a profound impact upon a business.  That is true whether the disaster is a small-scale problem that affects only the business (such as building fire) or widespread (such as an earthquake).  Having a disaster plan in place can be the difference between the business being able to survive and […]
    • Online Advertising for Your Small Business - Advertising is important for small businesses these days, and online advertising can be one of the most effective methods if it is done right.  There are many different online advertising options available to small business owners, and this article is intended to help shed some light on those options. Online advertising options Google Adwords – […]
    • How our Virtual Reception Service Helps Towing Companies - Towing companies are generally open 24 hours a day and operate within an industry that benefits greatly from a virtual reception service. Cars break down 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many times, there is an increase in the number of breakdowns all at once – such as during a sudden cold snap. […]
    • Backup Your Electronic Business Data - The rise in technology has seen businesses embrace computerization like never before.  Matters that businesses traditionally handled in paper form, from timeclocks to employee records to their actual products, are now often handled in purely electronic form.  While computers have greatly increased efficiency for many businesses, that reliance upon computers means that data loss can […]
    • Outsourcing Versus In-House: Use the right tool for the job - Many duties that were traditionally performed by in-house staff at company can now be outsourced to outside companies.  That leaves decision-makers at businesses with the task of determining how to strike the most efficient and productive balance between in-house staff and outsourced services.  As with many areas in life, the key is to find the right […]
    • The Increasing Importance of Spanish for Every Business - The statistics on the increasing number of Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States makes clear that businesses which embrace Spanish will have a competitive advantage.  Our Spanish Translation service allow your business to easily obtain high-quality human translations between Spanish and English text. A particularly salient quote from Pew Research: With more than 37 million […]
    • Using a Telephone Answering Service for your Computer Technical Support Business - A telephone answering service can help those who own computer technical support companies run their business more efficiently and provide superior customer service. Some tech support companies deal mainly with individuals who need computer technical support repair for their home computers.  Such individuals are likely to encounter computer problems during the night/weekend times, since that […]
    • Must-Have Open-Source Software for Your Business - Using open-source software for your business is often a win-win situation, in terms of reducing costs and avoiding vendor lock-in, while still using top-notch products. More information on open-source software and the particular open-source products we use and recommend are shown below: What is open source software Since the Wikipedia article on open-source software already […]
    • Physical Security for Your Small Business - Security is not often the first thing on the mind of a small business owner, as operating the business itself can be incredibly time consuming.  However it is unwise to neglect security, since the harm of an intrusion can be quite significant.  This article is intended to share tips and advice about physically securing your […]
    • Tips for Bookkeeping at Your Small Business - Keeping accurate records as to financial matters is important for every small business. Speaking from experience as someone who started a law firm in 2010, and has seen that firm grow from 1 attorney and no staff members to a firm that about 5 years later employs 4 attorneys and 6 non-attorneys, as well as other […]
    • Countries Where Our Virtual Reception Service is Available - Puryear Logistics L.L.C. is a United States company.  Our office is located in Davenport, Iowa and all of our virtual receptionists are located in the United States.  While we are proud to be an American company, we are also proud to be able to provide local phone numbers and the proper ring tone sound in many […]
    • How a Virtual Reception Service Makes Life Easier For Daycare Operators (and parents too) - Many smaller daycare operations are single-person businesses, or have only a single person on duty at any given time.  Others daycare centers are larger and have multiple employee working at once, yet still have times where there are surges in call volume (or other activities that take up staff time).  A virtual reception service can help […]
    • Using a Virtual Reception Service to Handle Spikes in Call Volume - For many businesses, there are peak times of the workday during which many calls can be expected, while at other times the phone will seldom ring.  Our virtual reception service can help out during those peak times in ways that in-office employees cannot. Some businesses, such as law firms, get predictable spikes in calls during […]
    • A Telephone Answering Service Helps Freelance Coaches and Mentors - The last decade has seen quite a rise in the number of freelance mentors and coaches offering everything from career advice, to life coaching, to homework coaching.  Regardless of the area, those whose businesses involve coaching stand to benefit from the use of a telephone answering service. Whether a coach is helping with academic matters, a […]
    • Statistics on What Happens When Potential Clients Get Voicemail Instead of a Live Person - The people at rentlinx have run a study across thousands of calls, and found that voicemail was not an effective way to handle incoming calls from prospective tenants looking to rent an apartment.   The key finding: What happens when a call goes to voice-mail? What percent of the time did the caller leave a […]
    • A Telephone Answering Service Can Help Reduce Interruptions While You Work - Being interrupted while you work can have serious negative effects upon your efficiency.  That is true whether you are working in an office or atop a roof.  Using a telephone answering service is an easy and affordable way to reduce interruptions while maintaining communication with customers. It is no secret that workplace interruptions can take […]
    • How our Virtual Reception Service makes Real Estate Agents More Successful (and makes life easier too) - The Real Estate business is one where after-hours calls and work are the norm. Since a real estate agent’s income is based upon commissions, anything that can prevent a deal from closing (such as a missed phone call) must be avoided. Our virtual reception service helps give real estate agents the competitive edge they need […]
    • Study Shows Consumers Hate Automated Phone Systems - A study conducted by civic sciences shows what most of us know already – automated phone systems are one of the most frustrating experiences for consumers. Nobody likes to have their time wasted, but what causal event is most loathsome to us? One of the most recent syndicated engagement questions running in the CivicScience polling […]
    • Why a Virtual Reception Service is a Must for Airport FBOs - An Airport Fixed Base Operator (FBO) that has a virtual reception service has competitive advantage. General aviation pilots often travel outside of business hours.  Whether that travel is for recreation or business, it is often of a time-critical nature.  All too often, FBO information shown online is out of date, leading to delays or even […]
    • Simple Virtual Reception Billing: by the Call, not by the Minute - Many other virtual reception companies charge by the minute for incoming calls, and round up to the next minute.  The Puryear Logistics virtual reception service uses a simple billing structure based upon the number of incoming calls, which saves you from surprise overages. By-the-minute billing can lead to surprises, as the number of minutes used for […]
    • Why a Virtual Receptionist is Better than Automatic Transcription of Voicemail - Many voicemail systems these days offer the option of “automatic transcription” to allow the user to read the voicemail as text, instead of having to listen to the message.  However these automatic transcriptions fall short in two important ways.  A virtual reception service solves those shortcomings. Automatic transcription of voicemail is far from accurate.  Anyone who […]
    • How a Virtual Reception Service Helps a Startup Company - One of the most important skills for a person who is starting a new business is time management.  There are always more things to do than there is time during the day, and it is critical that time is spent productively.  Money is also a precious resource that needs to be spent in the right […]
    • Virtual Reception FAQ - Below are frequently asked questions and answers about our virtual reception service: Q: In what countries is the virtual reception service available? A: Puryear Logistics is based in the United States and all of our virtual receptionist employees are in the United States.  A majority of our clients are in the United States as well.  However, […]
    • Configuring Call Forwarding for Your Virtual Reception Service - The call forwarding feature that is built in to just about every phone system allows you to have your unanswered calls sent to your virtual receptionist.  With call forwarding setup, your clients can call your regular phone number and have the call ring at your business like normal.  If you do not answer then the call is […]
    • Missed Potential Client Calls Cost Law Firms Real Money: An Example - Missing a potential client’s phone call can be quite expensive.  That fact has been discussed previously in more abstract terms.  This article will provide a more concrete example, using a law firm to illustrate the point. Imagine that a potential client is calling with a case that would earn the firm $5,000 in revenue (the […]
    • Our Virtual Reception Service is an Excellent Part of Your Company’s Disaster/Emergency Planning - The U.S. Small Business Administration notes that “Small business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful, yet, many owners fail to properly plan and prepare for disaster situations.”  Such preparation is valuable whether the business is facing a short-term problem that affects only that business (e.g. a […]
    • Virtual Reception Strategies for Law Firms of Every Size - Using a virtual receptionist is good idea for just about every law firm. How to best integrate in virtual reception service into the law firm’s practice is something that depends upon the size of the firm.  Below are some suggestions. The solo practitioner attorney with no full-time staff A lawyer who has no full-time staff […]
    • How Our Virtual Reception Service Makes Life Easier for Small Business Owners - Starting and operating a small business can be one of the most rewarding things in life.  It can also be one of the most time-consuming and stressful experiences i a person’s life.  A virtual reception service can go a long way to help. Especially at the beginning, those starting a small business are often a […]
    • Virtual Reception Service is a Must for Locksmiths - Locksmiths can benefit greatly from a virtual reception service, for a variety of reasons. When a customer has locked themselves out of their car or home, time is of the essence.  Few people who are stranded outside their car, unable to get into their home, or otherwise inconvenienced wish to wait around any longer than […]
    • The Telephone is Now More Important Than Ever - The internet has revolutionized so many aspect of life, and the interactions between companies and consumers are no exceptions.  The internet has allowed businesses to reach their customers like never before, yet the importance of the telephone has not diminished.  If anything, the importance of phone contact has only increased. An article on MarketingProfs makes […]
    • The Technological Redundancy Employed by Puryear Logistics Virtual Reception Service - First and foremost, the goal of our virtual reception service is to provide reliable service.  We employ technology that is designed from the ground up to achieve that goal. We make use of network connections from multiple service providers, with surge protection and battery backup.  The building is well secured, to include dozens of security cameras […]
    • How to Avoid Wasting Your Advertising Money - For many businesses, advertising is one of the largest expenses.  Law firms in some markets can spend upwards of $50 for a single client lead.  Roofers and plumbers can spend hundreds of dollars on advertisements in the phone book.  Billboards, TV commercials, and radio commercials easily cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars for just […]
    • How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Plumbers - Plumbers can benefit greatly from a virtual reception service, both during normal working hours and nights/weekends. During their normal working hours, a plumber’s time is best spent doing the work that earns their income, rather than fielding every phone call.  Indeed, there will be many times where a plumber is unable to answer the phone due […]
    • Use Technology Without Losing the Human Touch - The efficiency advantages that modern technology brings to every business are compelling.  Businesses that fail to adapt to modern technology will at best become less profitable and at worst be driven out of business by their more efficient competitors.  However, it is critical to strike the right balance when utilizing technology so as to not […]
    • Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Service for your Law Firm - A virtual reception service can give your law firm an edge in today’s competitive world. Potential clients are in search of legal representation at all hours of the day.  Sometimes that is due to the client experiencing an unexpected situation, such as a sudden visit from the police, a car accident, an incident of domestic violence, etc. […]
    • Paypal now accepted - Puryear Logistics is pleased to announce that payment can now be made using PayPal.  As always, payment can also be made using any major credit card.


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