Recommended Fax-to-Email Services for Business

For better or worse, facsimile (“fax”) remains an important method of exchanging documents for many businesses.  This article provides information on fax-to-email services, and our recommendations as to providers to consider.

Why Fax?

While rules vary state-to-state, there are many areas where the legal system will treat fax delivery as proper, and email delivery as improper.  For that reasons, attorneys may be the largest users of fax in an era where email is increasingly popular.  Fax is also widely used because of its simplicity, meaning that individuals who are able to send your business a fax may not have the equipment or knowledge necessary to scan and email the same document to you.  For those reasons and more, it is prudent to have a business fax number.

What is Fax-to-Email

Historically, being able to send and receive faxes required a phone line and a physical fax machine.  Fax-to-email services have changed that, allowing faxes to be sent and received with nothing more than an email account. Fax to email services generally allow faxes to be sent by attaching a document to an email, and sending that email to a special number, often taking the form of [faxNumberHere]@[faxServiceName].com.  The email is then received by the fax-to-email service, and sent by fax to the recipient’s fax machine.  Faxes sent to you are delivered to your email account as attachments.

Aside from being less expensive than a physical fax machine, fax-to-email services have many other benefits.  Multiple incoming faxes can be sent and received at once, which is an improvement over a physical fax machine and phone line that allows only one incoming or outgoing fax at at time.  Since faxes are delivered to your email account, you do not need to wait in the office for an important fax.  Faxes can also be sent from anywhere that you have access to your email account, including right from your phone.  Since incoming faxes are already attached as a PDF to an email, time need not be spent scanning incoming faxes to save them for later.  It is also convenient to be able to go back and search through your email to see every fax you have sent and received.

Below is a list of fax-to-email providers that we can recommend.

Regardless of which provider you use, a fax-to-email service will save time and money compared to a physical facsimile machine and a phone line.

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