Why Lawyers Need a 24 Hour Answering Service

Having a 24 hour answering service gives lawyers a tremendous competitive advantage, compared to other law firms that only use voicemail for after-hours calls.

The reason that having a live person to answer the phone after hours gives such an advantage to lawyers all comes down to the nature of the legal industry.  When a person wishes to find a lawyer, it is usually due to a recent event (e.g. an arrest, being served with divorce papers, a visit from child protective services, etc.).  Such events are as urgent as it gets for most people, and finding a lawyer right away is usually the person’s highest priority.

Against that backdrop, sending a potential client’s call to voicemail is really the same as telling that potential client to call a competitor.  That, in turn, can cost a law firm real money in terms of lost revenue and wasted advertising expenditures.

Even during the day, our virtual reception service can help law firms cope with spikes in call volume.  For example, a law firm’s TV or Radio ads may cause several people to call all at once, overwhelming existing staff (or exiting phone lines).  Missing those calls makes a negative impression on the very potential clients who the firm has paid good money to get to call in the first place.  Setting up conditional call forwarding allows our virtual receptionists to take calls when a law firm’s in-house staff do not answer during the day, while still giving the in-house staff the chance to answer first.

Our 24 hour virtual receptionists can take incoming calls for your firm, ensuring that your potential clients hear a live person rather than voicemail.  Since our virtual receptionists can ask questions of your choosing (such as a brief description of the case), you will have the information you need to decide how best to handle the potential client’s call.  Your potential clients will appreciate the fact that they were able to get a person on the phone when calling your firm, likely helping to make a stressful situation a little easier for them.

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