Our Virtual Paralegals can Manage Client Files for Attorneys

Keeping client files organized is an important part of the practice of law.  A disorganized file is at best inefficient and at worst can lead to important things being missed.  Yet organizing a file can be time consuming, which is why many attorneys files are not as organized as they would prefer.  Our virtual paralegals can help with file organization, freeing up attorney time for more substantive aspects of the practice of law.

Attorneys that use Dropbox, SpiderOak, MyCase, Clio, or a whole host of other file storage/practice management software can easily have our virtual paralegals take care of organizing their files.  Securely sharing access with us is simple, and we will safeguard your data with the same level of care that we safeguard our own data.  Attorneys that use other methods of storing their files can collaborate with us to find a way to provide the necessary access.

In terms of organizing files, our virtual paralegals will work with you to get files organized in just the way that you wish.  Since each law firm may use a different approach, we can accommodate your firm’s particular preferences.  Our goal is to get client files into shape, and keep them that way.

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