Let Our Virtual Paralegals Write Your Next Legal Brief

Writing a legal brief takes a great deal of time.  Our virtual paralegal service can help attorneys with legal briefs, saving time and allowing the attorney to focus more of their own time on other aspects of running their law firm.

When attorney time is spent on brief preparation, that is time that cannot be spent in court, meeting with clients, or consulting with potential clients.  The result can be lost revenue or delays to other cases.  At the same time, briefs must be done.  Fortunately, our virtual paralegal service allows attorneys to outsource brief drafting, so that they can focus on the rest of their law practice.

Briefing schedule can also be inconvenient, as many courts will arbitrarily set deadlines without regard for the complexity of the case or the workload of the attorney.  Using our virtual paralegals can help attorneys solve those scheduling problems without causing delays for clients or risking the ire of a judge who is reluctant to grant extensions of time.

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Virtual Receptionist

A live person, based in the USA, to receive calls from your existing and potential clients 24 hours a day, with messages sent you by email.

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English/Spanish Translation

Human translation of text between English and Spanish for your website, emails, advertising materials, and more.

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Collections services for your accounts receivable. Use our professional debt collection services to obtain the funds that your company is owed.

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