Using a Telephone Answering Service for your Computer Technical Support Business

A telephone answering service can help those who own computer technical support companies run their business more efficiently and provide superior customer service.

Some tech support companies deal mainly with individuals who need computer technical support repair for their home computers.  Such individuals are likely to encounter computer problems during the night/weekend times, since that is when most people are home using their computers.  Many such people also see computer problems as time-critical, since home computers are now vital for everyday tasks.  Such customers want support now, not in the future, and can be expected to call a competitor if you company does not answer the phone.

Other tech support companies deal mainly with businesses, and are often trusted to maintain mission-critical equipment.  Being able to have a virtual receptionist who can take messages and pass along the necessary information to a technician who is on call saves such tech support companies the expense of having in-house staff available to answer calls at all hours.

Regardless of the business model and customer base, having a live person answer incoming calls also goes a long way to helping relieve the customer’s frustration over the computer issues they are facing.  Rather than sending an already-frustrated customer to voicemail, our answering service will ensure your customer hears a friendly human voice when they call.

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