Using a Virtual Reception Service to Handle Spikes in Call Volume

For many businesses, there are peak times of the workday during which many calls can be expected, while at other times the phone will seldom ring.  Our virtual reception service can help out during those peak times in ways that in-office employees cannot.

Some businesses, such as law firms, get predictable spikes in calls during the times that clients are on lunch or right when clients leave work.  Similarly, bail bondsmen can expect an uptick in calls on Friday and Saturday in the late night and early morning hours.  Other businesses have spikes in call volume due to events that occur in the world.  For example, many roofers receive extra calls after a severe storm, just as towing companies and mechanics receive more calls when the temperature drops.  Businesses that advertise also tend to see a spike in calls when their advertisements are viewed by thousands of people in a brief time period.

Having extra employees in the office isn’t much of a solution for most businesses.  Few employees will be willing to come in to work for an hour at a time and then go home – at least not for long.  Most businesses are therefore faced with the prospect of having the employees who are needed during peak times also on the clock at non-peak times, which inflates costs and hurts the bottom line.

Moreover, even if employees are available to answer the incoming calls it does not necessarily mean that there are available incoming phone lines to handle all the calls.  Indeed, many businesses with only a few lines will miss calls while those lines are in use without even realizing it.  The result is frustrated existing customers, and potential customers who will hang up and take their business to a competitor.

Using a virtual reception service solves the problem of incoming calls that happen in a brief period of time.  By setting conditional forward, calls can ring first at your business and then go to our answering service only when you don’t answer.  Your customers will always hear a live person at the end of the line, and your business will avoid unnecessary overhead expenses.

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