How a Virtual Reception Service Makes Life Easier For Daycare Operators (and parents too)

Many smaller daycare operations are single-person businesses, or have only a single person on duty at any given time.  Others daycare centers are larger and have multiple employee working at once, yet still have times where there are surges in call volume (or other activities that take up staff time).  A virtual reception service can help both the daycare itself and the parents who rely upon it.

Daycares that are operated from home make up a large percentage of the total daycare businesses in the country.  For the many such daycares that have a single person who owns and operates the business, the owner often has their hands full caring for children, handing pick-ups/drop-offs, and also fielding phone calls.  Sometimes there is more than one incoming call, and other times there is just no time to answer the phone at that minute.

Larger daycare centers – even ones with multiple staff members on duty at once – can find themselves in a similar situation.  With more children present comes more possible things to handle at once, especially during meals, pick-up/drop-off times, etc.  With more parents who may call, there is a greater chance that multiple phone calls will come in at the same time.

Our virtual reception service can help daycare operators, both big and small.  Since the virtual receptionist who answers the phone can see basic information about your business, such as hours of operation and other information, some calls can be handled entirely by the virtual reception service (and you’ll still get a message telling you about the call).  For calls that need to be handled by in-house staff, our virtual reception service can conveniently deliver the message by email, fax, or text message, so that a return call can be made once things are not as hectic.  Rather than getting voicemail, parents will be happy to hear a live voice.

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