Study Shows Consumers Hate Automated Phone Systems

A study conducted by civic sciences shows what most of us know already – automated phone systems are one of the most frustrating experiences for consumers.

Nobody likes to have their time wasted, but what causal event is most loathsome to us? One of the most recent syndicated engagement questions running in the CivicScience polling network asked consumers to pick which time-wasting irritant ranks at the top of their list, and turns out – automated phone systems at 40% easily wins out over traffic (24%) and waiting in lines (14%) combined. . .

A customer who is unable to reach a live person is left to wonder whether the company really cares about their business if they cannot be bothered to take the call. At the same time, the customer is left without a resolution to whatever it was that caused them to call.  In effect, the customer has the disappointment of not getting a live person on the phone, compounded with the annoyance of having wasted time with an automated phone system or voicemail.  That is the recipe for a frustrated customer.

Frustrating customers is a sure-fire way for a business to lose customers.  While it is not always possible to make every customer happy, there are simple steps that businesses can take to reduce frustration.  One such step is to employ an answering service or virtual receptionist to take incoming calls.  Whether the virtual receptionist ends up transferring the call, or taking a message and passing it along to the business, the customer has heard a live human voice at the end of the phone, rather than an automated phone system or voicemail recording.

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