Why a Virtual Receptionist is Better than Automatic Transcription of Voicemail

Many voicemail systems these days offer the option of “automatic transcription” to allow the user to read the voicemail as text, instead of having to listen to the message.  However these automatic transcriptions fall short in two important ways.  A virtual reception service solves those shortcomings.

Automatic transcription of voicemail is far from accurate.  Anyone who has used such a system knows that some messages are not transcribed at all due to background noise, call quality, or other problems.  Even those messages that are transcribed often have transcriptions that are wildly inaccurate, so much so that the transcription can be comical.  In the worst case, the transcription is wrong but looks “good enough” that the person reading it ends up misunderstanding yet does not go back and listen to the actual audio message.  In a business setting, such misunderstandings can be quite costly.

Additionally, automatic transcription (like regular voicemail) cannot ensure that the message left by the caller has all the necessary information.  All too often, a person leaving a voicemail will neglect to provide an important piece of information.  At best, that means that additional time has to be spent to gather that  information.  In other cases, the needed information cannot be recovered (e.g. a person calling a business from a phone that is not their own, and who fails to leave a phone number at which they can be reached).

The solution to those inherent limitations of voicemail (even with automatic transcription) is a virtual reception service.  Our virtual receptionists will take a message from clients and provide that message to you by email, text message, and/or fax.  Since our virtual receptionists gather information from the caller, you don’t have to worry having callers forget to leave their contact information.  If your business has additional questions that you would like to have asked of callers, we can ask those questions and provide you with the answer too.  All in all, virtual receptionists are a superior option to voicemail for both you and for your clients.

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