Virtual Reception Strategies for Law Firms of Every Size

Using a virtual receptionist is good idea for just about every law firm. How to best integrate in virtual reception service into the law firm’s practice is something that depends upon the size of the firm.  Below are some suggestions.

The solo practitioner attorney with no full-time staff

A lawyer who has no full-time staff can benefit greatly from a virtual reception service.  Without a virtual receptionist, such an attorney has to personally handle every incoming call, or allow the call to go to voicemail (which may mean a dissatisfied current client or lost potential client).  There is simply no way that an attorney who also makes court appearances, meets with existing clients, makes phone calls to other attorneys, etc., can always be available to answer their phone.  For such a solo practitioner, a virtual receptionist can be used during business hours, as well as after business hours, to handle incoming calls.

The solo practitioner attorney with at least 1 full-time staff member

A solo attorney who has a full-time staff or two member can also make great use of a virtual receptionist.  After-hours potential client leads that would otherwise go to voicemail – and then likely on to the competition – can be handled by the virtual reception service.  During normal business hours, any overflow calls that are missed by staff due to breaks, being on the phone with existing clients, etc., can be handled by the virtual receptionist.

Larger law firms

A larger law firm that has abundant staff during the work day also has needs that can be met by a virtual reception service.  As with every other size of law firm,  larger firms are unlikely to have staff in the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer the phone.  A virtual receptionist can handle those after-hours calls from current and potential clients.  Having the virtual reception service also available during the day allows the firm to have an “insurance plan” in case of higher-than-normal call volume, problems with the office phone equipment, power outages, etc.


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