How Our Virtual Reception Service Makes Life Easier for Small Business Owners

Starting and operating a small business can be one of the most rewarding things in life.  It can also be one of the most time-consuming and stressful experiences i a person’s life.  A virtual reception service can go a long way to help.

Especially at the beginning, those starting a small business are often a single person operation who must handle every facet of the business.  Regardless of the industry, that generally involves marketing, handling new customer leads, actually doing the work that those customers are paying for, handling billing, and taking care of all the logistics and business administration.  Accomplishing all of that can be difficult, to say the least.

Speaking from experience as a business owner the most important thing to do early on is to learn to delegate and be efficient.  Delegation is key as one person can only do one thing well at a time, and keeping too much on your plate will just lead to less-then-ideal outcomes.  Being efficient is critical because the difference between a profitable and unprofitable business generally comes down to efficiency.  As an example, a small business owner who personally handles every phone call is likely spending their time in an inefficient manner, since time spent on the phone is time that can’t be spent actually doing the work that produces their business’s revenue.  Moreover, trying to juggle the phone and that productive work will lead to missed phone calls, which tend to be quite costly.

Our virtual reception service can help small businesses, whether they are getting started or are already well established.  Instead of spreading yourself too thin by trying to work the phone and operate your business, our virtual receptionists can take calls from your current and potential clients.  Rather than missing out on potential customers (and revenue) when you are unable to answer the phone because you are working with an existing customer, a live human operator with our virtual reception service will handle the call.

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Virtual Receptionist

A live person, based in the USA, to receive calls from your existing and potential clients 24 hours a day, with messages sent you by email.

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English/Spanish Translation

Human translation of text between English and Spanish for your website, emails, advertising materials, and more.

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Collections services for your accounts receivable. Use our professional debt collection services to obtain the funds that your company is owed.

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