Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Service for your Law Firm

virtual reception service can give your law firm an edge in today’s competitive world.

Potential clients are in search of legal representation at all hours of the day.  Sometimes that is due to the client experiencing an unexpected situation, such as a sudden visit from the police, a car accident, an incident of domestic violence, etc.  Other times, an event will occur after-hours that finally pushes the potential client to reach out to an attorney, such as a denial of child visitation.  In still other cases, the potential client’s work schedule will be such that they are searching for representation outside of traditional law firm hours.  All too often,  a potential client is in a stressful situation that a voicemail recording cannot resolve for them.  Regardless of the type of case, a potential client who calls an attorney’s office only to get voicemail will often seek out another firm in the hope of reaching a live person.  Losing out on that potential client can cost the attorney thousands of dollars.

Existing clients often attempt to contact their attorney’s office outside of normal business hours as well.  Sometimes it is for an unexpected development in an existing case, while other times the client has found themselves in a new case all together.  When an existing client calls, an attorney who has a virtual reception service can have the benefit of seeing the client’s message by email (or having the call transferred if the attorney so wishes) without having to personally screen every call (or have staff in the office all night at great expense).  Often attorneys will have a fee for after-hours calls, allowing the attorney to realize additional revenue that more than offsets the cost of the virtual reception service, while also keeping the client happy.

For attorneys who deal with custody, divorce, criminal defense, personal injury, worker’s compensation, bankruptcy, immigration, or any other area that has events happening outside of traditional business hours, a virtual receptionist service can be of great value.

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Virtual Receptionist

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